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Wiziwig is the leading sports live streaming website in the world. The website also has a large number of loyal users thanks to its outstanding features. This website has become the most popular sports live streaming website today.

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Wiziwig Official & Alternatives Site

The first website was established in 2007 with the domain wiziwig.tv and then wiziwig.co. However, Wiziwig’s domain has now been replaced. Because of Wiziwig’s domain replacement, has become a target for fake phishing websites. Fake websites have changed the interface and content to resemble Wiziwig, but their functions cannot operate as quickly and effectively as Wiziwig. Moreover, they can also use different methods to steal user information. To ensure you watch live sports safely and effectively, users should only visit the following official websites:

  • wiziwigs.eu
  • wiziwig1.org
  • wiziwig1.top


Why chosse Wiziwig?

  1. Match updates: Direct sports match links at Wiziwig are updated quickly as soon as the match occurs.
  2. Match schedule: The match schedule is fully and accurately updated to help users arrange the time to watch their favorite match.
  3. Interface: Wiziwig’s user interface is simple and easy to use. The website is divided into clear categories, helping users easily find the matches they want to watch.
  4. Security: Website uses SSL encryption to protect users’ personal information from being leaked to the outside world.
  5. Customer care: Wiziwig has an enthusiastic 24/7 customer care team ready to answer questions and support users at all times.

Wiziwig superior features compared to other websites

Special Features Wiziwig Other websites
Variety of sports Provides live viewing links of many different sports, including soccer, basketball, volleyball, tennis, racing, etc. Usually, they only focus on popular sports such as football, basketball, etc.
Diverse tournaments Provide live viewing links of large and small tournaments from many countries worldwide. Usually only provides live viewing links of major tournaments.
Free of charge Provides free live streaming sports links. Usually, it requires membership or payment.
Diverse formats Provide live viewing links in many different formats, helping users choose the format suitable for their device. Usually, it only provides direct viewing links in certain formats.
Language diversity. Provides live viewing links in many different languages, helping users to follow matches easily. Usually, it only provides direct viewing links in certain languages.
Application Own a live sports application for all mobile devices, with diverse functions and features like Wiziwig sports live website. Often, there are no applications or applications that do not have many functions and require access devices.

Wiziwig’s target audience

  • Wiziwig provides unlimited sports live streaming links to everyone. However, notable users of Wiziwig are as follows:
  • Users who love sports: Wiziwig has no age limit for users. As long as they are a sports lover, they are welcome to join website ww1.wiziwig.pro to watch live sports.
  • People who do not have the means to sign up to watch live: Wiziwig provides free live watch links, helping people who do not have the means to sign up for sports TV packages to watch their favorite sports matches still.
  • Users who want to watch live sports in other countries: Some countries will block users from watching certain sports live on certain websites. However, coming to Wiziwig, users will find the direct sports links you want that are not blocked in that country.


What is Wiziwig?

Wiziwig is a sports live streaming website accessible to everyone.

How much does it cost to use Wiziwig to watch live sports?

Using the ww1.wiziwig.pro website to watch live sports is entirely free for everyone.

Which outstanding features of Wiziwig are highly appreciated by users?

Wiziwig is rated by users as an excellent live sports viewing website, offering a wide selection of sports and tournaments, free, easy-to-use, and HD video quality.

How to use the Wiziwig website and app?

  • To use the Wiziwig website, visit the website and search for the match you want to watch. The website will provide you with a list of direct viewing links. You need to click on the desired match link to watch the match live.
  • Download the Wiziwig application from the App Store and Google Play for smartphones with iOS and Android operating systems. After downloading the Wiziwig app, you need to log in to your account or create a new account, then select the sports and matches you want to watch and enjoy.

Is Wiziwig safe?

Yes, it is safe. Wiziwig is the leading sports live streaming website in the world. This website is loved and trusted by many users thanks to its outstanding sports streaming feature. Wiziwig has become the most popular sports live streaming website today.

What are the things to note when using Wiziwig?

Users should carefully read Wiziwig’s regulations before using this website to watch live sports. By following these regulations, you will help protect yourself and your website from risks.

What alternatives are there to Wiziwig?

There are several alternative websites to ww1.wiziwig.pro, including LiveTV, SportRAR, FirstRowSports, and Stream2Watch.


Wiziwig is a free sports live streaming website that offers a wide selection and good video quality. This website is an excellent option for people who love sports and want to watch live matches without paying. Wiziwig will be the top choice for you.

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